Ignacio Uriarte: Drawn To See

15 Sep-8 Oct 2023
PV 14 Sep 2023, 6-8pm

Bartha Contemporary
London W11 2AF


Bartha_contemporary is pleased to present an exhibition featuring recent works by internationally acclaimed artist Ignacio Uriarte. The artist’s first solo exhibition with the gallery, ‘Drawn To See,’ will be held at the Notting Hill space from September 15 to October 8. Ignacio Uriarte's thought-provoking works explore the intersections of art and perception and utilise everyday office materials, offering a unique perspective on the modern human experience.

Ignacio Uriarte (b.1972 in Germany, lives and works in Valencia, Spain), known for his innovative and boundary-pushing practice, presents a diverse selection of recent works on paper that challenge conventional perceptions of the medium. Uriarte's keen observations of the modern workplace and his use of ordinary office supplies to construct intricate and captivating compositions make his works truly extraordinary. Through his drawings, Ignacio Uriarte delves into the complexities of the modern human experience. By blending conceptual depth with aesthetic finesse, Uriarte engages viewers in a dialogue about the profound and often unnoticed aspects of drawing.

Each stroke of Uriarte's pen is imbued with intention and precision, creating a remarkable interplay between light and shadow, form and space. The resulting compositions are a symphony of intricate patterns, delicate textures, and minute details that invite viewers to immerse themselves in a visual journey unlike any other. Uriarte unveils a world of extraordinary beauty, depth, and contemplation through his meticulous and methodical use of this everyday writing instrument. 

Indeed, one of the meditative aspects of Uriarte's drawings lies in their repetitive nature. Uriarte often employs simple geometric shapes, such as lines, grids, or circles, and repeats them to construct complex patterns. This repetition invites viewers to explore the subtle variations within each mark or shape, fostering a sense of calm and focus.