Hannah Tilson: Soft Cut

8 Sep-20 Oct 2023
PV 7 Sep 2023, 6-8pm

Cedric Bardawil
London W1D 5JB


Cedric Bardawil presents 'Soft Cut', Hannah Tilson's first solo exhibition in London. For the exhibition, Tilson has produced a new body of work that is at once vibrant and subtle, ambiguous and self-referential. Layering translucent and opaque colours, she encompasses the human form in a patternscape of rhythmic shapes. Creating an atmopshere in which we are invited to a private world on the threshold of exposure, that questions who we are to ourselves and to others. These kinetic paintings are compositions that test how far the experience of spectatorship can stand as a measure of ethics: what do we owe, or wish to give, the stranger that we encounter before us? Should we look closer, or look away?