Exhibition Tour

Welcome Walkthrough: Ridykeulous

27 Sep 2023 12-1pm

Nottingham Contemporary
Nottingham NG1 2GB


Our Welcome Walkthrough is a great introduction to Nottingham Contemporary, the current exhibitions, featured artists and their work.

Led by our friendly and knowledgeable team and community partners from Ubuntu and Juno, the Welcome Walkthrough is a relaxed but social space to experience our brand new exhibitions. Moving around the galleries together as a group, we steer clear of jargon whilst sharing insights on artworks, inviting visitor thoughts and answering questions.

After the Welcome Walkthrough visitors are invited to the café to continue conversations over refreshments (optional).

The Welcome Walkthrough is the first in our regular Wednesday Walkthroughs which run throughout the duration of each exhibition, offering opportunities to explore artists, themes and works in more depth.

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