Light Years Ahead - A Survey of Earth Guardianship

16 Sep-28 Oct 2023

John Marchant Gallery
Brighton BN13AB


The show title Light Years Ahead suggests an alternative yet possible future brought into the present where spirituality, peace and political change are united and directed by feminine qualities.

As guardians of this future calling in our divine vision, participating artists engage with women’s rights, social justice, and protecting the environment. Some are mothers, some are shamans , and all are light workers.

Light Years Ahead is inspired by the work of Monica Sjöö, (1938 -2005), a Swedish born British painter currently in retrospective at Moderna Museet in Stockholm on now until October. She was also a writer and eco feminist who was an early exponent of the Goddess movement, working when what she was saying was deeply unfashionable and provocative. She advocated freedom of oppression in all its forms and was a leading voice in the Women’s Liberation Movement in the UK in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Artists are Monica Sjöö, Alice O’Malley, Delaine Le Bas, Vivienne Dick, Ptolemy Mann, Fiona Finnegan, Sandra Vasquez de la Horra, Forouz Zarei, Jessica Mallock, Sarah Staton, Grace Ndiritu, Jennifer Binnie, Helen Melland and Alison McKenna.

Selected works