Nicholas Hopkins: Memories of Odessa

9 Nov-2 Dec 2023

Fiumano Clase
London SW1Y 5JQ


‘Memories of Odesa’, a fascinating exhibition of black and white photographs of the port city of Odesa, is an ode to this once grand city and its people. British photographer Nicholas Hopkins visited Ukraine in the spring of 2003 with thirty rolls of ‘what type of film, his Leica camera, and a desire to capture the daily life and environs of the ‘Hero City’.

A percentage of all sales made will be donated to the independent Ukrainian charity Sunrise Ukraine which collects and distributes essentials such as medicine, food, baby food, clothes, and hygiene products.  

Hopkins insightful and intimate portraits of Odesa are an urban exploration of daily life of the people as witnessed by his camera in the 14 days that he spent in the city.