Two Films About Love

8 Sep-4 Nov 2023
PV 7 Sep 2023, 7-9pm

Cubitt Gallery
London N1 9HH


With works by Anne-Marie Copestake & Mouaad el Salem

For the first public presentation of the 2023–25 Curatorial Fellowship programme curated by Seán Elder, two films are brought together in Cubitt’s gallery space; A love (2019) by Anne-Marie Copestake and This Day Won’t Last (2020) by Mouaad el Salem. Both films use close-looking and observation of different, precarious communities to meditate on the nature of love and its political affects.

In A love, Copestake creates a portrait of the everyday within her own neighbourhood, a place where, historically, recent arrivals to Glasgow have settled and made their homes. It prioritises a mutual recognition in moments of touch, softness, warmth, and dialogue.

Similarly, el Salem’s This Day Won’t Last creates a portrait of daily life that is both collective and individual, however it functions in a different way, in invoking the remnants of French colonial laws on the lived experiences of Tunisia’s queer community. Bodies, textiles, scenes from the city all lead one from another, as the narrator contemplates the ramifications of ever leaving the country.

ANNE-MARIE COPESTAKE lives in Glasgow, working with moving image, sound, sculpture, print and performance. Attentive to temporary and longer term communities, narrative and emotion, her work is concerned with entangled social political conditions surrounding individual and collective choices, or lack of choices, and an exploration of environments that may contribute to these conditions. She often works collaboratively, most recently with musician Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh.

MOUAAD EL SALEM is director, activist and lead character of the debut film This Day Won’t Last. Mouaad lives and dreams in Tunisia. He has the impression he’s wasting his life in a place where he can’t be himself. He hopes to attend a film school someday to develop his talent and to make more films.

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