Avery Singer. Free Fall

11 Oct-22 Dec 2023

Hauser & Wirth London
London W1S 2ET


The exhibition ‘Free Fall’, displayed across both spaces of the London gallery, explores Avery Singer’s personal experience of 11 September 2001 and the societal impact of this collective trauma. A series of new paintings will be displayed in an environment that replicates Singer’s memories of the interior of the World Trade Center offices—spaces she regularly visited in the years prior as her mother worked in both buildings—combining the subtle banalities of office life with the architectural specificity of the iconic design by Minoru Yamasaki, creating a quietly disorientating installation that is part stage-set, part minimalist sculpture. ‘Free Fall’ is both a monument to Singer’s memories of the towers pre 9/11 and a memorial to her experiences of New York in the aftermath of the terrorist attack. Since 2010, Singer has employed the binary language of computer programs and industrial materials to remove the trace of the artist’s hand while engaging the tradition of painting and the legacy of modernism. These new, large-scale paintings combine digital renderings with manual and digital airbrush techniques, liquid and solid masking, and complex layering processes.