Ioana Marinescu with Smaranda Găbudeanu and Iulia Mărăcine: Past Present. Fragments of memory: Bucharest-Pompeii-London.

22 Jul-12 Aug 2023
PV 21 Jul 2023, 6-8pm

London SE11 6AY


Opening event: Friday 21 July, from 6pm

Performances: Friday 21 July, from 7pm, and 22 July, from 3pm

Seminar: Dreams and Guilt: Exhibiting counter-narratives, Wednesday 19 July 10am-5pm

Seminar: Past Present Research Lab, Sunday 24 September 6pm-9pm.                                                CNDB, 80-82 Bd Mărășești, Bucharest

London-based Romanian Artist, Ioana Marinescu, exhibits her research into the violent removal and displacement of personal and collective histories, in the company of choreographers Smaranda Găbudeanu and Iulia Mărăcine. 

PAST PRESENT Fragments of memory: Bucharest-Pompeii-London explores movements between memory, the archive and the body within disrupted communities and erased places; proposing an oscillation between oblivion and remembering, removal and displacement, erasure and recovery, through audio-visual installation and performative action. 


Selected works