Intimate Sharing Session: Bodies of Work with Polly Barton, Kübra Uzun and Tuna Erdem

11 Jun 2023 4-5.30pm


Join us for an intimate conversation on the representation of sex and sexuality. Expanding on our current exhibition Kirawa by Kresiah Mukwazhi, this event will give offerings on depths of sexuality, whilst foregrounding creative practices that gives space to resilience, liberated sexuality and the possibility of empowerment.

The conversation arises from Polly Barton’s new publication, PORN: An Oral History (published by Fitzcarraldo Editions in March 2023), and performer and LGBTQIA+ rights activist Kübra Uzun’s practice to question the representation of sex and gender binarism. This conversation aims to provide a space to challenge, disrupt and question entrenched ideas on sexuality and gender.

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