15 Jul-24 Jul 2024
PV 23 Jul 2024, 12-5pm

The Cut
Halesworth, Suffolk IP19 8BY


A leading Suffolk arts centre is offering an exciting opportunity for up to 40 emerging artists to participate in a unique  multidisciplinary visual arts project in the summer of 2024.

The Cut is a vibrant centre for the arts and creativity, based in a heritage maltings building located in the market town of Halesworth in rural Suffolk. Already a focus for collaboration between artists and across disciplines, an artist led collaboration with The Cut has designed the Summer Project to give participants a unique opportunity to work across a full range of media and method to develop their visual arts activity. 

The Cut Summer Project will focus on the themes of Migration, Environment, Identity and Sustainable Structures. It will encourage exploration and cross pollination across visual arts practice, including underrepresented areas like performance, digital and sound as well as the more established visual arts forms.

This 9 day residency is at the heart of the Summer Project and aims to allow emerging artists to work with their peers and experienced artists in an exploratory way to achieve a greater depth of understanding and direction in their own work. Those taking part will be encouraged to give full reign to their abilities and imagination, but also to challenge notions of what each art activity can be through communication and collaboration with those in other subject areas. Participants will be supported by a group of 14 artist mentors – all established artists and practitioners - drawn from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines. Technical support in film, digital and print will also be available throughout the residency. Additionally a series of lectures, seminars and discussions on the key themes will be led by visiting artists who are at the forefront of working across boundaries and at the intersection of the arts and other areas like science and new technologies.

The Summer Project will conclude with an exhibition of selected work from the residency and a Summer Project publication in print and digital formats capturing the main themes, topics and questions that arise during the project including essays from the seminars and ideas generated by the participants. This publication will be available to the local community and shared with local art schools, high schools, colleges, libraries and arts venues as well as being available online. A digital version of the Summer Project Publication will be available and the project will be recorded on film and available on our website. 

This is the timetable for The Summer Project:                                                     

The Summer Project Residency             July 15th -July 24th 2024                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Summer Project Exhibition                  August 6th -September 24th 2024 

Summer Project Publication                         October 12th 2024 

For further information or participation please contact or download an expression of interest form from:

 Subject Areas: 

IDENTITY Elsa James, Liselle Terret, Eddie Peake  

ENVIRONMENT Simon Carter, Jevan Watkins Jones

MIGRATION K.Yoland, Eddie Peake,Emily Godden

SUSTAINABLE STRUCTURES  Charlie Hawkins Des Brett 

Additional facilitators & technical support Lewis Wickwar(film-digital) Emily Godden (film-digital) Cut Editions (print) The Print Studio (print)                                                                                                                                                       


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