Oh Tell Me Where Your Freedom Lies, You'd rather cry, I'd rather fly

24 May-17 Jun 2023
PV 24 May 2023, 6-8.30pm

London N1 3AF


MICK FINCH  Freedom Lies: Video.  Finch currently works with an archive of some 3000 images scanned from a set of 1950s encyclopaedias entitled The Book of Knowledge.

NICK JONES The 'Tubism' paintings. The idea is to sculpt colour that the viewer can enter into reflecting metaphysical polarities of presence and absence, concealment and revelation.  

HILARY PROSSER 'Help'   A selection of personal ads which are, in effect, short stories, - the handmade variety - those seen on public noticeboards made in a variety of materials

DIANA TAYLOR ‘The gradual ending’  and ‘Swoop’    Working with a multi-disciplinary practice, across painting, printing, needlework, weaving, collage and 3D scanning

JEFFREY BLIGH by DAVID THORP  ‘Copying Kafka’  Jeffrey Bligh (3D printed) is looking at four images of himself writing out the whole of Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka 

TOM WOLSELEY     Speculative Institute #5: Vacuum Distillery/construction     ...exploring how the processes of the urban, buildings, capital and geology are reflected in culture both personal and collective.