Sonic Signals

3 Jun-15 Jul 2023
PV 2 Jun 2023, 6-8pm

Eastside Projects
Birmingham B9 4AR


Responding as an Incidental Artist to the particularities of working with Eastside Projects and a local primary school, Abbas Zahedi has developed a site-sensitive concept that proposes a new kind of relationship between the two organisations, opening a portal between them through which a potentially infinite loop of audio can be transmitted. Messages made by children will move from the school into the gallery, where they will be played openly for everyone to hear.

What the children choose to send is completely up to them.

Looping, dynamic, intuitive, and non-linear, this collaged structure has emerged over time in dialogue with a group of eight, nine, and ten year olds who have been meeting weekly as an after-school Radio Club. During this time Radio Club have been getting used to the sound of their own voices, learning to record sound, use mixing software, and build sound loops.

Visiting creatives have shown them how to use audio description to create vivid pictures in peoples’ minds, how to interview people and record sound in their environment, and how to collectively design a visual identity using handmade stamps and collages. They have also been developing their own ideas and making recordings to send through to Eastside Projects.

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