Mia Faithfull: OBEDIENCE

13 May-27 May 2023
PV 13 May 2023, 6-8pm

Carl Kostyál
London W1S 3PQ


Carl Kostyál is delighted to present an exhibition of new paintings by Mia Faithfull, her first with the gallery. 

“I paint my own image parodying the ‘Hot Babe’ trope, inserting myself inside the process of reification of woman to weaponise it through ridicule and inauthenticity....Social media’s filter technologies merged the commodity aesthetic of cuteness with the vacancy of the selfie zeitgeist. These technologies subject the face to a cute schema by enlarging the eyes and shrinking the mouth to orifice size. Innocence, and affective ‘cute’ amounts to a complex mixture of feelings toward passive objects, but ultimately mediated by gender, sex- uality, sadism and desire.”

-Mia Faithfull