Celine Ali: Moments of Being

11 May-3 Jun 2023

JD Malat Gallery
London W1K 4NB


JD Malat Gallery is pleased to present Moments of Being, the first solo exhibition by London-based artist Celine Ali (b.1997). On display at the gallery from May 11 to June 3, the exhibition invites viewers to explore the concept of interiority in relation to domestic spaces and their association with the feminine. 

Born and raised in Romania but of Turkish ethnicity, Celine’s childhood was spent navigating between two cultures. The duality of her cultural identification helped shape her unique perspective and is reflected in her work’s focus on the multiplicity of identity . 

Growing up in a female-dominated environment Celine became inspired by the fragility and strength displayed by the women around her. Both the breadth and the universality of the female experience serve as inspiration for Celine’s artistic practice. Depicting subjects that range from letter writing and dining, to solitary drinking and fortune-telling, Celine seeks to engage viewers in the ideas surrounding woman’s existence in the canon of art history, as well as expand upon the discourse surrounding gender identity, intimacy, beauty ideals, sexuality, and ambiguous relationships. 

Moments of Being presents a deeply moving narrative exploring the connection between domestic settings and a woman's inner world. The rich visual narratives revolve around concepts of loneliness, failed love, longing, insecurities, self- contemplation, and desire. In this new series, the canvas acts as a physical space where emotions can be collected and shared with the viewer, creating a profoundly personal experience. 

Celine’s work challenges domestic space’s association with both femininity and confinement as she portrays them as safe and cosy places where women undress their vulnerabilities to reveal their interiority. Fascinated by the concept of inner beings, Celine defines interiority as “the space where all conscious experience unfolds, from awareness to memory and imagination.” By representing domestic interiors as spaces for reflection, celebration, and intimacy, Celine poses a conversation around domestic environments as microcosms of a wider social and cultural experience. 

Incorporating cubist influence and surrealist aesthetics into her work Celine presents vibrant visual narratives mixing representational elements with the abstract. Her use of bold colours and particular usage of greens to provide both a warming and cooling effect, adding to the dynamism of her work. Echoing her signature style, Celine’s new works depict faceless figures serving to create ambiguous identities and urging viewers to shape their own narratives. Further facilitating conversations around identity and challenging the restrictive boundaries of gender binaries. 

Fascinated by the contrast between fragility and the innate power of human nature, Celine seeks to evoke the essence of fragility through the lens of simultaneous vulnerability and strength. By depicting different facets of femininity, Celine’s work skilfully confronts the limitations inflicted on women by cultural paradigms of gender and ideals. 

Deeply moving and relatable JD Malat is delighted to present Celine Ali’s powerfully enchanting works in its London gallery space.