Jacob Talkowski: 404 NM/H Into The Horizon

20 Apr-28 May 2023
PV 20 Apr 2023, 6-9pm


Talkowski utilises materials of transparency to sail into the abstract horizon, scrolling into infinity on the touchscreen, whilst grabbing at deep sea internet cables in an attempt to be tethered by something / anything / to this non-dimensional onlinespace.

Great Yarmouth born, Talkowski creates ashow that interrogates what it means to be from flatlands at the edge of both the land and the socioeconomic systems at play. What does it mean to come of age in the current time where so much of our assemblage of self is digital, when your physical location offers nothing but horizon?

“When you grow knowing you must leave, how can you construct a sense of home? If you want something not offered by the sea (or rural landscape) how can you chart a course forwards? When the internet moves so quickly, can you go back home? When the space you knew is no longer there.”