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Fundraising salon for Ukrainian charity KHARPP with Susan Collis

25 Mar 2023 4-6pm


Susan Collis premieres a previously unseen single screen video work in support of the Generator fundraising season at Bobinska Brownlee gallery for Ukrainian charity KHARPP.

Susan Collis writes "In the autumn of 1974, the writer Georges Perec sat in various cafes and locations in Saint Sulpice square, Paris and wrote down what he saw passing across his field of vision. The resulting text – An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris, is a paean to the everyday, or as he put it, an attempt to describe: ‘that which is generally not taken note of, that which is not noticed, that which has no importance: what happens when nothing happens other than the weather, people, cars and clouds’ 

 An interest in the quotidian and the overlooked, has informed my practice from the outset – I often make work that looks very ordinary or random, but which turns out, on closer inspection, to be considered and detailed.  My reasoning behind this is partly to do with an investigation into general and artistic production processes, and partly that things often simply deserve a second look.  So this little book appealed to me when I first came across it 10 years ago and has inspired the work that I will be showing and talking about for this fundraiser". 

We’re delighted that the salon on Saturday 25th March will also feature a short introduction to the KHARPP Project’s work by Panayiotis Xenophontos, as well as a chance to discuss the works in the Generator exhibition with some of the participating artists.