Live Performance

Performance: AURA

18 Mar 2023 6-8.30pm


The performance is an immersive and ethereal experience, an ecosystem inhabited by the artist and the audience, where two intersected bodyscapes unfold, mapping her identity and circumscribing her transition.

The piece’s scenography transports the spectator to the absolute simplicity of a work about the body, mind, and soul. Proposing the attentive observation of acts such as awakening, breathing, raising, drying, moving, and unveiling that simultaneously contains boldness and vulnerability.

The infinity-shaped water mirror, the emanating sound, the celestial gown, and the presence of the four natural elements contribute to an otherworldly atmosphere achieved by the use of time and meticulous sculpting of space.

7 ≈ 8 is the culmination of profound introspection and the courage to deconstruct and reconstruct one's own history, while sharing it.

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