G Gallery: Woo Hannah

9 Mar-25 Mar 2023


G Gallery from Seoul presents South Korean artist Woo Hannah’s first solo exhibition in the UK, titled Appearances. The exhibition features the latest collection of Woo's fabric sculptures and installations, conceived between 2020 and 2023.

Woo is known for using fabric to create fantastical and mythical worlds in visual forms such as drawing, sculpture, and installation. Her use of fabric, a material conventionally associated with femininity and manual labor, subverts the traditional grandeur of sculpture and offers an alternative perspective on the medium: freedom and flexibility. In Appearances, Woo's works embody both wit and cuteness, while also exploring the macabre and monstrous. Her sculptural forms resemble bodily organs of various living creatures and mythical beings such as dragons. Woo presents sexual anatomy as equal subjects of humor, devoid of any sense of difference or discrimination - neither male nor female; human nor non-human. By embracing an egalitarian view of all life on Earth, she aims to foster horizontal relationships.