New Frontiers: Movements in Contemporary Art

13 Feb-17 Apr 2023


Ben Brown Fine Arts invites art lovers to explore New Frontiers: Movements in Contemporary Art, a thought-provoking exhibition presented at Claridge's ArtSpace in London, in the heart of Mayfair. This exhibition will be held concurrently with the launch of Claridge’s ArtSpace Café.  

New Frontiers celebrates the unique visions and powerful messages of great contemporary artists from the gallery, including: Gavin Turk’s luminous Port (Yellow) (2012), offering a spiritual journey through the imagination; an intensely textured, semi-abstract seabed painting by Miquel Barceló; Vik Muniz’s meticulous rendering of Piet Mondrian’s Mill in Sunlight (Pictures of Pigment) (2006); grandiose libraries from Candida Höfer; powerful abstract, calligraphic paintings by José Parlá; and a whirlpooled labyrinth of unique, mirror polished stainless steel tables by Ron Arad, among other special pieces. 

New Frontiers: Movements in Contemporary Art will be exhibited at Claridge’s ArtSpace in London from 13 February to 17 April 2023.  Simultaneously Awol Erizku: Cosmic Drill will be on view at Ben Brown Fine Arts’ London gallery at 12 Brook’s Mews until 6 April 2023.



New Frontiers: Movements in Contemporary Art | press release