Karen Tronel: Making sense of What Remains

4 Mar-6 Apr 2023

Fiumano Clase
London SW1Y 5JQ


Making sense of What Remains comprises a variety of works made between 2020 and 2023, primarily using found objects, offcuts, by-products and accumulated waste materials that have been repurposed, recuperated, and reshaped.

There was an urgency to making some of the work in this exhibition; A need to bring some sense of order and organisation to a chaotic, ominous, changing and uncontrollable time through automatic or repetitive process, a defined rhythm, an exploration of pattern and a concentrated focus on materials and their perceived value. 

Doodles were drawn on every available space in an old lined notebook (the only paper immediately to hand during the initial 2020 Covid lockdown), habitually discarded materials were preciously collected and preserved with a view to using them in creative endeavours to be later defined, found objects and leftover materials from previous works were saved and transformed into works in their own right and the remains of old ideas were reinvigorated and given a new lease of life in the new ensuing context.

Through experimental process, discovery, contemplation and response to the materials, different series of works were developed that together make up the exhibition and, within their own histories, attempt to make sense of what remains.