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Public event - Editorial Tables: Reciprocal Hospitalities

25 Jan 2023 3.30-8pm


Join us in the opening week, on Wednesday 25 January, 4-8pm for the first part of a two-day programme of talks, workshops and performative interventions from the contributing artists, designers, publishers and curators in dialogue with invited guests.


Arrival from 3.30pm

4–4.15pm: Introductions (15)

4.15–5.00pm: Minna Haukka & Kristin Luke: The Mobile Feminist Library, with Magda Oldziejewska: The Feminist Library (45 mins)

5.00–5.15pm: break, browsing and move upstairs (15)

5.15–6.00pm Elham Rahmati & Vidha Saumya: NO NIIN magazine, with Mavelinadu Collective, upstairs in the Studio. A recording will be available online after the event (45)

6.00–6.05pm: break and movement downstairs (10)

6.05-6.10pm: short intro

6.10–6.45pm: Minna Henriksson: Kiila Feminist Archive (35)

6.45–7.15pm: Rose Nordin and Priya Jay (30)

7.15–7.45pm: Sezgin Boynik: Rab-Rab Press (30)

7.45–8.00pm: break, browsing and move upstairs (15)

8.00–8.20pm: Ruth Beale and The Hundred Club (upstairs in the Studio) (20)

Editorial Tables: Reciprocal Hospitalities is an exhibition and public programme bringing together the publishing practices of Ruth Beale, Sezgin Boynik: Rab-Rab Press, Minna Haukka & Kristin Luke: The Mobile Feminist Library, Minna Henriksson, Rose Nordin and Elham Rahmati & Vidha Saumya: NO NIIN magazine.

Editorial Tables celebrates the production and dissemination of knowledge through the act of independent, experimental and artist-led publishing, with a focus on intersecting feminist and decolonial perspectives. The project involves a range of publishing, archiving, print and distribution practices by artists, curators and art workers; bringing these into relation and dialogue in the lead-up to the realisation of the exhibition at The Showroom.

Throughout the eight-week duration of the show, a public programme bringing publics and artists together will activate matters, material and processes presented in the exhibition.

Part of Editorial Tables: Reciprocal Hospitalities

Image: Editorial Tables: Reciprocal Hospitalities, poster and visual identity 2023. Design by Reishabh Kailey.

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