HyeGyeong Choi: Food Coma

27 Jan-11 Mar 2023
PV 26 Jan 2023, 6-8pm

Carl Kostyál
London W1S 3PQ


For her first solo exhibition in Europe, Choi presents a new series of paintings in which she delves into riotous fantasies of bounty and indulgence, exploring subsconscious desire while questioning societal expectations of the normative body. 

Latter day Bosch-esque dreamscapes realised in wild neon palettes are peopled with joyously gluttonous figures devouring chicken thighs and gorging on exaggeratedly long strands of spaghetti. Choi almost sculpts her amorphous forms, using thick layers of impasto applied with a spatula to as well as a paintbrush to give corpulent life to her subjects. Her voluptuous figures luxuriate unapologetically in their bodies and their appetites, apparently unaware of being witnessed in their private reveries.