Live Performance

Performance: LuYang – DOKU, The Binary World

28 Jan 2023 7-9pm


This event marks the UK-premiere of LuYang’s ambitious performance work. DOKU, The Binary World brings together two dancers in the exhibition space who, through motion capture technology, embody LuYang’s avatar DOKU in the virtual world.

Expanding from the ideas, visuals, and music of the works in the exhibition, the performance creates a real-time interaction between the dancers’ physical bodies and the digital possibilities of DOKU’s reincarnations. Performing wearing motion capture suits, the dancers come together in a virtual realm and embody the DOKU avatars of heaven and hell; human and animal; yin and yang.

Through this intense and immersive performance, the audience is invited to experience a collapse of the binary of the material and virtual worlds. Soundtrack composed by Shanghai-based musician and sound artist, liiii.

Materials of this live motion capture performance is originally from Lu Yang: DOKU, The Binary World which was co-presented by Freespace, West Kowloon Cultural District and Sydney Opera House, co-produced by MetaObjects and Exhibitionist and premiered in 2022.

Dancers: Jonathon Luke Baker and Belen Leroux
Technical Direction: MetaObjects
Motion Capture Suits: Alexander Whitley Company

The bar will open from 7pm, with the performance starting at 8pm. The run time is approximately 30 minutes.