Girjesh Kumar Singh

26 May-1 Jul 2023
PV 25 May 2023, 6.30-8.30pm

London W1T 1NZ


Gallery rosenfeld is delighted to be hosting the second solo European exhibition of Indian artist Girjesh Kumar Singh entitled “Life in the Rubble”. Contemporaneously, there will be an accompanying exhibition entitled, “Looking at the Human” displaying a collection of sculptural heads from 450 BC - early 20th Century from a notable private collection.

Western civilisation from its earliest days has been centred around humanism, the human figure has nearly always been at the centre of the artist’s search for truth. Even not delving very far back in time, Picasso, Soutine, Bacon, Freud, and Auerbach have shown us different ways of portraying human features. The overriding theme of both the shows asks the question, “What is it to be a Human?”. Girjesh Kumar Singh creates his sculptures from his scavenging amidst the rubble of destroyed buildings in Uttar Pradesh, near where he lives. As the building material is brick, he works with the broken bricks which he finds at the various sites. As he himself states with great modesty: “the sculpture is already in the brick and I am merely completing the process”.


Girjesh Kumar Singh press release