Nagihan Seymour: The Golden Ratio

14 Jan-2 Apr 2023


The Golden Ratio, also known as Phi, is a special number which can be seen across the universe from living systems to inanimate objects and from the micro to the macroscale. Through the Golden Ratio, Nagihan Seymour brings nature and the natural world to life in her designs and creates compositions that are organic, balanced, and visually pleasing.

Nagihan Seymour is a British Turkish artist specialising in Tezhip, the art of illumination and sacred geometry. Originally a materials engineer, she has practiced this art since University. After her first solo exhibition at The Lightbox in 2017, she became a full time artist, painting and also creating ceramics from her studio in Egham, Surrey.

14 January – 2 April 2023
£9.50 Day Pass ● Lightbox Members and Under 21s Free

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