Guy Dickinson

8 Feb-4 Mar 2023
PV 8 Feb 2023, 6-8.30pm

London N1 3AF


“In a certain sense the past is far more real, or at any rate more stable, more resilient than the present. The present slips and vanishes like sand between the fingers, acquiring material weight, only in its recollection.”
Andrei Tarkovsky

"Guy Dickinson’s instinct to head off to the remote edges of things goes deep. The visible traces of these solitary odysseys are sequences of photographs whose intensity comes not, one senses, from a desire for self-knowledge, but from a yearning for total immersion in the encounter with a physical environment. Landscape or seascape, in their ability to encompass the grand and the granular, these images take the viewer similarly deep into their field of vision. It is of the essence of Guy’s work not to tell us how to look, but rather to clear the way we see, so that it is the place itself – the fissured limestone, boulder strewn shores and roiling swell – not the photograph, that we feel on our retinas. In so doing he achieves that rare feat of conjuring Heaney’s ‘salt of our earth’."     

— Alison Morris