Vivian Lynn: Spin

20 Jan-25 Feb 2023
PV 19 Jan 2023, 6-8pm

Phillida Reid
London WC2H 8DY


Spin is an exhibition consisting of two major installations by Vivian Lynn (b. Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand, 1931, d. Wellington, 2018), never before seen in the UK. Spin: Versor, Versari (1995-97) and Mantles, Maladies, Mutations and Prussian Blue (1981–2/1998) reconfigure the tradition of self-portraiture, exemplifying Lynn's determinedly wayward and unreservedly personal approach to art-making.

Incorporating materials and imagery derived directly from the artist's body and surroundings – from brain scans to her own hair – alongside references to advanced medical technologies, unruly organic matter, and vast cosmological entanglements, these works vibrate with the disobedient energy of an artist set on dismantling deeply entrenched patriarchal structures to offer new ways of contemplating our relations with the planet. 

Installation views


SPIN, Phillida Reid - Press Release