Shiva Ahmadi - The courage of Eve

21 Feb-5 Apr 2023
PV 21 Feb 2023, 6.30-8.30pm


Ahmadi’s works are inspired by the world of Persian miniatures and uphold a strong critique of the current political situation in her homeland, denouncing violence and abuses in general but more precisely those that have been taking place in Iran for decades. 

However rather than just creating a one-dimensional political work, Ahmadi has made very complex and ravishingly beautiful images which, at first, seduce and pull us in, before revealing their real significance. The cathartic reaction the viewer receives is made all the more powerful when they realise what is actually taking place. 

The exhibition will also feature one of the artist’s heavily engraved golden oil barrels (featured in the exhibition Epic Iran at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2021) - once again showing her ability in making a profound political statement in a highly subtle way.