Miaz Brothers: Don't Look Now

25 Nov 2022-15 Jan 2023


Maddox Gallery is delighted to present Don’t Look Now, a beguiling solo-exhibition by the Miaz Brothers, opening on 25th November at Maddox Gallery Westbourne Grove.

Rendered in their signature style with layers of aerosol paint, the duo’s latest exhibition presents depictions of historical figures who overcame times of global or personal crisis to impact humanity for the better, proving, at different times and in different ways, that crisis can be the cradle of creativity.

Priding themselves on the surprising nature of their work and their defiance of the genre of portraiture, the Miaz Brothers encourage the viewer to use their perception and interpretation to bring clarity to their large-scale out-of-focus works.

"This show is a salute to those people who did great things in periods of turmoil... (it's) a reminder that, however bad a situation may seem, it’s important to keep hope". - Miaz Brothers