Ancient Vessels

15 Dec-18 Dec 2022
PV 15 Dec 2022, 6-8pm


 ‘Ancient Vessels’ presents a group exhibition of twelve artists working predominantly across sculpture and painting. Folklore merges with futuristic worlds, and the past merges with the future, as the show juxtaposes artists who have a shared interest in researching historical material, and a yearning to locate meaning by recovering a lost knowledge from history. Burrow into the muddy earth; hidden codes, symbols, annexes and doors of meaning reveal themselves inviting the artist to act as a vessel to excavate, tune and communicate its knowledge, helping us to better understand the self, others and the earth. 

This exhibition aims to show how artists translate recovered knowledge, through multiple paths of thought, and how they relate this to their experience of the contemporary. From evoking science fictional worlds, the alien, and the unhuman; to the archaic and the personal, all are modes of expression that are united in the same ground: the search for an ancient energy not yet lost to be harnessed to give us courage for the future.

Please visit our website for more information about the exhibiting artists.