On Sexuality: Helen Chadwick & Penny Slinger

6 Dec 2022-10 Jan 2023
PV 6 Dec 2022, 6-8pm


On Sexuality presents the early, iconic works of Helen Chadwick and Penny Slinger: footage and photographic documentation of Chadwick’s seminal performances Domestic Sanitation (1976) and In the Kitchen (1977), and limited edition prints from Slinger’s iconic photo book 50% The Visible Woman (1971). Widely considered among the most influential artists in British contemporary art, Chadwick and Slinger broke all taboos and conventions by openly exploring female subjectivity, especially in relation to sexual desire. In a time when debate over gender, sexuality, and equality rages with renewed intensity, this exhibition re-examines the revolutionary scope of their practice and their liberated, uninhibited and ultimately modern vision of humanhood.

Alongside Niki de Saint Phalle, Carolee Schneemann, and Judy Chicago, Chadwick and Slinger were among the first to confront gender stereotypes head-on and revolt against female servitude in the patriarchal society. They celebrated women's self-determitaion, sexual independency and self-fulfilment. For this reason, their work was often shocking to the public, peers and critics alike, albeit not intentionally as with the likes of the Young British Artists, whom Chadwick shaped through her teaching posts at London’s top art schools between 1985-1995. 

Selected works