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Caves, Dwellings & Vibration

10 Dec-11 Dec 2022

Nottingham Contemporary
Nottingham NG1 2GB


In the framework of our exhibition Hollow Earth: Art, Caves & The Subterranean Imaginary and our research strand Emergency & Emergence, we cordially invite you to Caves, Dwellings & Vibration, a two-day programme deepening and complexifying our relationship with caves through talks, music, film and performances.

Caves, Dwellings & Vibration is conceived as a sensorial exchange across research, mediation and performance highlighting Nottingham’s extraordinary condition as a city built on a network of caves - being the UK’s largest network of over 800 hidden beneath.

Caves, Dwelling & Vibration aspires to look closely into the poetic and artistic knowledge and wisdom caves carry, to think about the notions of geologic and deep time, archaeoacoustics and the uses of caves as spaces of dwellings but also as spaces of upheaval.

The programme includes contributions by Laura Emsley, Louis Henderson, Emma McCormick-Goodhart, Frances Morgan, Flora Parrott, Frank Pearson, and Kathryn Yusoff among others. Each day ends with sonic meditations inspired by the work of Pauline Oliveros as presented in Hollow Earth: Art, Caves & The Subterranean Imaginary.

Nottingham Contemporary’s Live Programmes invited Ignota Books, in response to their publication, Quantum Listening, to conspire on performances that unfold in The City of Caves, underneath Nottingham Contemporary. The performances by Evan Ifekoya, Paul Purgas, Lucy Railton and others explore the roots and legacies of Deep Listening with a broad curiosity toward vibration, resonance and altered states.

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