New York | Georg Óskar: After The Punch

3 Nov-30 Nov 2022


After the Punch presents an electrifying selection of seven brand new paintings, encompassing the signature visual vocabulary of Óskar’s ouvre. Suffused with the expressive painterly marks, dynamic and yet murky colour palette, his spontaneous and incandescent canvases highlight the mundane moments of life, which often remain unnoticed. Óskar explores the transcendental experience of ordinary events. Óskar’s canvases act as mirrors for the viewers to reflect on the overwhelming experience of ‘tapping into the void of being.’  After the Punch marks Oskar’s strongest and most introspective body of work to date. It unveils his signature sarcastic take on contemporary life on a more profound and deeper level than ever before.

This synergy of transcendence and humour is evident in the titles of his paintings. The artist claims, “The text cannot reveal too much. The text has to be more abstract rather than direct message.” Hence, Óskar creates an imaginary room for the audience to freely interact with the exhibited pieces. Outlined through intentional satiric misspelling, scribbling technique, and the whirlwind of familiar but distorted shapes, Óskar’s paintings generate a rebellious sense of protest against the darkness of mundanity.

For the first time Óskar reveals a vulnerable part of himself with the array of works in After the Punch. This exhibition is a strong emotional rendering of Óskar’s experience. His embrace of loneliness is exalted and transformed into a powerful solitude, which heals and offers a dynamic transition for the artist. The recovery process ‘after the punch’ gave the artist immense inspiration to reflect on his life, as well as the current state of the world and the time we live in. JD Malat Gallery is delighted to bring Georg Óskar’s captivating works to the art scene of New York City, allowing his visceral narratives to awaken inner sensibilities within the New York audience. 


Georg Óskar: After The Punch | Press Release