Haley Josephs: Every Part of the Dream

17 Nov-23 Dec 2022
PV 17 Nov 2022, 6-8pm


Almine Rech London is pleased to present Every Part of the Dream, Haley Josephs’ second solo exhibition with the gallery. The exhibition will be on view from November 17th to December 23, 2022, presenting new paintings and a selection of pastel drawings.

The exhibition begins with Food Sloshing in Baby’s Mouth / Sunlight Through Window (2022), where a baby is being fed breakfast as rays of sunshine beam through the window and onto the scene. A myriad of sensory experiences are highlighted: the warmth of the morning sun, the food and flavours being energetically consumed, the hands of the mother or caretaker as they gently yet firmly support the rapidly growing body. This illustrates the beginning, where an equation begins to be assembled–what it means to be alive. In attending to what Josephs considers the 'dream of reality', our experience of the world becomes a dream and a seductive illusion. Therein, the human subject experiences something akin to an education on how our modes of interpretation can materialize within this new sphere of consciousness.