Film/Video Screening

The Screen: Into the Shadows - Faces

4 Jan 2023

Nottingham Contemporary
Nottingham NG1 2GB


This season we delve into the dark and explore psychoanalyst Carl Jung's concept of "the shadow". These films span the last century and probe those ignored or repressed parts of our collective unconscious. What happens when they surface?

Middle-aged businessman Richard tells his wife, Maria, he wants a divorce. On this revelation, we follow their nights out on the town and the litany of dysfunctional characters they meet on the way. An awkward, funny, devastating and riveting watch that displays the tumult of the bourgeoisie, the loneliness and alienation of the world they inhabit, and the unspoken parts of themselves and ourselves that remain hidden.

Cassavetes's focus as a filmmaker was on human interactions and the subtle everyday ways we destroy ourselves. His voice and style still feel current today - watching this, you can feel him and his influence in so many of the best films of the last fifty years. Shot in stunning 16mm black and white, this remains a stylish, shattering, intimate and immediate watch that expertly uncovers uncomfortable truths. A gem of a film that should be celebrated for its subtle genius, and a rare opportunity to see one of his films on the big screen - not to be missed.

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