Fest en Fest 2022

22 Nov-27 Nov 2022
PV 23 Nov 2022, 6-8pm

A.P.T. Gallery
London SE8 4SA


Please visit our website for the Festival Programme and performance details. Open Tuesday - Friday, 12 - 8pm and Saturday/Sunday, 12 - 7pm. 


Fest en Fest is an international festival of expanded choreography initiated and curated by H2DANCE presenting UK & Nordic artists working across dance, performance, writing and visual art. 

The festival invites artists and audiences to come together for performances, discursive lunches and dinners to experience choreography in different ways.  

Fest en Fest aims to expand what dance and choreography can be.  It continues to twist and turn choreography by putting it in new spatial settings and relations, troubling current definitions of choreography, thinking about its potential of opening up for new kinds of structures, processes, and knowledges. 

The festival explores ways to be in dialogue with the choreographic, working from how it can move and how it moves other things. So it is as much about curating choreography as choreographing the curatorial.