Sebastian Chaumeton: Little Palette

2 Sep-9 Oct 2022

Maddox Gallery, Mayfair
London W1S 2QE


Maddox Gallery is pleased to present Little Palette, a solo show by British artist Sebastian Chaumeton.

A contemporary re-imagination of the history of art, Little Palette presents a new body of work by Sebastian Chaumeton, spanning across painting and sculpture. Focusing on established British artists, Chaumeton challenges both his and our learned affinities to art, and deconstructs his artistic taste in a humorous, yet thought-provoking manner. By anthropomorphising historic art movements and representing notable artists, the artist dismantles our predisposed prejudices of what we consider to be ‘good’ art. We slow down the process of appreciation and quietly contemplate our own tastes. We know that certain artists are good, but why are they good?

This series of works is Chaumeton’s way of giving an identity to artistic concepts. The child-like element evokes a sense of familiarity and nostalgia within the viewer. Mr. Hirst’, ‘Ms. Emin’, ‘Mr. Bacon’ – among others contain an essence of the imprint these well-known artists have had on the development of aesthetics, coupled with a subtle comment on their position in the market. Little Palette exists as a space within which we gather to share an artistic moment together – and reflect on the state of a contemporary art world.

Chaumeton’s exhibition is a reminder that the natural evolution of art history is based upon the visual dialogue which artists from different times engage in through their work. Chaumeton employs a range of painting techniques and media – he works in acrylic, oils and watercolour, and explores pointillism, abstract expressionism, and others. The visual qualities of his works demonstrate his proficient painterly skill and create a conversation on critical engagement with the art world. Chaumeton belongs to a time where artistic practice is, due to its diversity, difficult to navigate – and this show acts as our anchor to the history of art.

‘If someone makes work that is honest and true to themselves, that’s what I see as good art.’

– Sebastian Chaumeton