breathe, spirit and life 呼吸、靈魂與生命

8 Oct 2022-29 Jan 2023
PV 7 Oct 2022, 6-8pm


The exhibition takes the Bluecoat’s site history, originally a charity school for children in poverty built in 1716-17 with proceeds from the Transatlantic slave trade, as its starting point.

Referencing Keith Piper’s peer support curatorial strategy in the group exhibition, Trophies of Empire (Bluecoat,1992), breathe, spirit and life 呼吸、靈魂與生命 repurposes the gallery as a communal space for cleansing, detoxification and purification as a collective decolonial healing process. Together, the artists explore ideas in relation to Taoist practice of self-cultivation, meditation, rituals, and harmonisation with nature.

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