Dani Admiss: Sunlight Doesn't Need a Pipeline

7 Oct 2022 12-8pm

Stanley Picker Gallery
Kingston upon Thames KT1 2QJ


Join us for a community festival and teach-in featuring talks, performances, film screenings, refreshments and music, as well as a public vote to decide on a decarbonisation plan for the Stanley Picker Gallery. All welcome.

Including contributions from Chanelle Adams, Elena Agudio, Amazoner Arawak, Apex Zero, Maxwell Ayamba, Araceli Camargo, Lauren Doughty, The Grange, Grenfell Community, Ellie Harrison, Susannah Haslam, Kingston Stylophone Orchestra, Sarah Mady, Lou-Atessa Marcellin, Samuel Onalo, Sean Roy Parker, Anne Pasek, Luiza Prado, Charles Pryor, Megha Ralapati, Oliver Ressler, Save the World Club, Studio Hyte, Tatjana Söding, Shridhar Sudhir, Cecilia Wee and more.

Visit for further festival details.

Dani Admiss Sunlight Doesn't Need a Pipeline is a collaborative literacy and climate justice project in search of transformative and regenerative repair for the art sector and beyond. A coalition of art workers, agitators, dream weavers, growers and caregivers have co-created a holistic anticolonial and ever-growing decarbonisation plan.  

Transitioning to a low-carbon planet will affect every facet of daily life but the paths to decarbonisation, presented to us by politicians, regulators and CEOs, currently have numerous trade-offs and uncertainties. From Net-Zero fantasies and a burn now pay later attitude to rewilding half the Earth, each top-down route either reinforces a market-based and extractive approach to the environment, ignores varied individual needs, vulnerabilities and histories, or harms as opposed to protect the planet in its varied entanglement of ecological, social, political and cosmic/spiritual ways of being.

The climate emergency is a social and political problem, as well as an environmental one. All forms of repair must recognise the interconnectedness of struggles, and in doing so, fight for solutions to the climate crisis that not only reduce emissions but create a fairer and more just world in the process.

Sunlight Doesn’t Need a Pipeline works to reclaim repair as the way towards healing. What does a just transition look like? And how can we repair the imagined future and broken relationships of the present? Through collective study our coalition asks questions such as: How can intergenerational wealth help communities in the face of Climate Change? What would it mean if we took museums “to the orchards”? What configurations of life are possible after restitution? Is it possible to replace carbon literacy with love?