The Pit: The Pit Presents

8 Sep-24 Sep 2022


LA-based, artist-run gallery The Pit presents The Pit Presents, the gallery’s first exhibition in London.

Founded in 2014 by artists Adam D. Miller and Devon Oder, The Pit is a contemporary art gallery representing emerging and mid-career artists who work in a variety of mediums, with an on-going focus of promoting cross-generational conversations between historical and emerging artists. The gallery has two locations in Los Angeles and Palm Springs. Originally the title The Pit Presents was given to a series of exhibitions of visiting galleries hosted at The Pit Los Angeles starting in 2018. Each gallery curated their own presentation from their gallery roster in The Pit’s Los Angeles space. The exhibition for No. 9 Cork Street was curated in the spirit of the visiting gallery series, though flipped on its head with The Pit presenting works from its own program this time as a visiting gallery itself. 

For No.9 Cork Street, The Pit brings together a selection of the gallery’s roster artists as a first introduction of the program to London including new works by Heather Day, Howard Fonda, Bella Foster, Erik Frydenborg, James Goss, Kelly Lynn Jones, Liz Markus, Anthony Miler, Devin Troy Strother, and Maryam Yousif. 

The Pit Presents is an anti-conquest, salon-style passion play that collects works from the gallery’s roster artists in favor of encouraging happy collisions, enigmatic conversations, and freaky coincidences. Bright color, ecstatic weirdness, Maximalism, and visionary high times pulsate from every aesthetic zone like distant stars across the universe that individually sparkle to transmit exceptional compatibility. Decadence has entered the building; The Pit Presents is a cornucopia of flamboyant abstraction and sybaritic figurative drama that subliminally imagines physical contact. This exhibition furthers The Pit’s tradition of curating to encourage new connections, alliances, and avenues between artists across mediums, styles, and themes.” - Trinie Dalton