Working on a Dream

25 Aug-28 Aug 2022


Each artist in Working on a Dream is looking to stretch the medium and territories of painting, coaxing their attitudes and materials to bend and breathe. Painting is a medium which allows each artist to pose their own unique questions. The artists in Working on a Dream seek to question boundaries, structures and visual hierarchies that are embedded within painting to re-envisage learnt languages and signs to find new landscapes, new modes of communicating and to cultivate the conditions for renewal and change. 

Gabriela Giroletti works with layers of thin and thick paint to bring nuances of light and colour to the fore. Luca Longhi’s work stretches and plays with the materiality and physicality of paint. Lizzie Munn plays with the rules of abstraction, testing pictorial space and the tension between the surface and the gesture. Luke Tomlinson’s work combines a graphic style with traditional materials to question the role of the artist, by exploring the space between performance and life. Tommy Ramsay’s practice is rooted in painting but stretches across screen printing, casting and 3D printing and uses the format of the multiple to question attitudes towards narratives and languages in painting and the traditional myths of display. Silke Weißbach’s work combines painting, sculpture, photography, and time-based media to create installations that operate at the intersection of materiality and technology.  

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