Fabian Peake

30 Sep 2022-2 Jan 2023


Fabian Peake emerged as a painter on the London art scene in the late 1960s. In the decades since, he has expanded his practice including several dramatic stylistic leaps, each time mastering a new visual language and exploring its capacity for image making. While he started out as a painter, Peake’s later work broadened to incorporate tailored textile wall pieces, cut-out reliefs, sculpture, drawing, photography, writing and poetry, with each informing one another. This landmark exhibition marks the artist’s 80th birthday and is a celebration of Peake’s broad and multifaceted career, as both artist and writer. Spanning six decades, the exhibition will encompass early paintings from the 1970s to new works and will showcase Peake’s playful and experimental use of diverse media.


Fabian Peake

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