11 Aug-14 Aug 2022
PV 11 Aug 2022, 6-8pm


An exhibition of recent work by Karolina Albricht, Gabriela Giroletti, Scott McCracken, Laura Porter, Henry Tyrrell and Adia Wahid that considers the theme of Improvisation; how impulse, deletion and changes of plan play an important role in the making process.

The gut feeling to rearrange or to push a gesture to an unexpected place, is often born out of the struggle to bring a visual tension to the work. This tension can manifest itself in different ways- a surprising colour combination, a burst of energy in the brushstrokes, or when grids or rhythms get pulled or disrupted.

The works in this show have a relationship to this idea in different ways. Karolina Albricht’s paintings contain forms that seem to expand, taking up space not originally designated for them, cutting across the painting layers below. Gabriela Giroletti’s work relies on layers of textural underwork and you can see scars from the shifts and changes of thought process. Scott McCraken’s work contains a careful sense of balance, achieved by processes of fine-tuning colour, shade and line. Laura Porter’s work responds to the sites it is exhibited in and settles itself in accordingly. Henry Tyrrell’s work involves reacting to and echoes early gestural encounters in the process. And Adia Wahid’s paintings consist of grids that are often disrupted by more bodily forms and gestures.