Are You Seeing What I'm Seeing?

16 Jun-25 Jun 2022


This exhibition features artwork and work in progress developed through collaborations between artist and scientists.

Artists and scientists often work together. There are many ways: through conversations, to illustrate or share a scientist’s ideas, or to create work together. For this exhibition – the artists and scientists are seeking to work as true collaborators.

Both artists and scientists have assumptions about each other, and these often remain during the process of collaboration. This exhibition invites collaborators to move beyond ideas of art as a tool to communicate science and towards art as a valued contributor to a collaboration.

This is a snapshot in a long-term project, where artists and scientists enter each other’s worlds, seek to understand the nuances of each other’s disciplines so it can feed into their work. For artists, this means using their expertise to create artwork that is co-created.

This exhibition features artworks and works-in-progress developed through collaborations with artist and scientists.

There will be a celebration event with keynote and symposium to accompany the exhibition.


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