Art Now: Shawanda Corbett

28 May-4 Sep 2022


A new short-film and set of ceramic vessels by Shawanda Corbett

Shawanda Corbett’s Art Now display Let the sunshine in includes a short film and jazz score alongside a set of ceramic vessels to highlight how humans interact with one another and the spaces they inhabit. These vessels, according to Corbett, inhabit the space and ‘act as a still life of the performance.’

Her first short film, Cyborg theory: the adequacy of tenderness to our antipathy, deals with themes which include cyborg theory and the ethics behind Artificial Intelligence (AI). A jazz score, written by Corbett, acts as a key element and works in tandem with all the components: the dancers, the set design, the ceramic vessels, and the exhibition space.

Corbett creates a setting where we are invited to question our links between animals and machines, and the culture that binds or differentiates us as beings.