Ross Muir - 23: A Brush With Redemption

12 May-16 Jun 2022


Maddox Gallery is delighted to announce Scottish contemporary artist Ross Muir’s latest exhibition, 23: A Brush with Redemption, now open at Maddox Gallery, Mayfair.

A shape-shifter of both artistic genre and style, Ross Muir is known for his witty re-imaginings of historical paintings. From Basquiat and Magritte to Rousseau and Picasso, Muir does not just embody an artist in brushstroke and style but also in spirit. He meticulously researches the narrative and personal motivations behind some of the most iconic artworks in history, only to reinvent them in unique and surprising ways. Whether adorning Lichtenstein’s figures with an Adidas three-stripe or imaging Van Gogh playing pool with his friends, Muir bridges the gap between the elitism of the art historical canon and the everyday viewer, with both expert craftsmanship and humour.

The title of the exhibition, 23: A Brush with Redemption, alludes to the difficulties Muir has overcome in his personal life through his love of art. The artist turned to painting later than most as a way to process grief, with the number twenty-three holding particular significance to the artist with it being the date of his late mother’s passing. In honour of this, the collection contains twenty-three artworks that are as individual as they are inspiring. Carved into halos and etched with frenetic application, the number twenty-three is hidden throughout the body of work. With each artwork possessing its own distinct layered narrative, the collection seamlessly binds together the past and present, making centuries of rich history easily accessible to a contemporary audience.

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