Society: Acts I – IV

11 May-6 Jun 2022


The artworks reference society’s quotidian moments, flashy social scenes, and emotional dramatism  to  explore the themes of loneliness and desire. This new series of works is created in a theater performance-like structure (Act 1, Scene 1) consisting of 4 acts revealing different scenes.

Ming Ying (b.1995) is a Chinese London-based artist, who is known for her vivid and abstract depictions of characters within domestic and public settings. The artist explores the inherent feelings of being far away from home such as vulnerability, homogeneity and loneliness that creates resonance with viewers and allows them to relate to the artwork. ‘Loneliness and desire not only affect me, a London-based foreign artist, but also have a strong impact on people of different races, cultures, and distinct social classes’- Ming Ying explains. The key themes in the paintings depict the mundane and memorable moments of her characters’ lives which were inspired by  films, drama and everyday life. 


Ming Ying


Society: Acts I – IV press release

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