21 (Edgar Serrano)

20 May-7 Jun 2022
PV 19 May 2022, 6-9pm


PM/AM is pleased to present Edgar Serrano for our next physical exhibition in our 2022 programme.

Edgar’s work takes a deep dive into the notion of interlaced realities, specifically the physical and the virtual, but in doing so reveals a number of parallel dialogues that touch on the digital world, unseen socio-political borders and surreal metaphors.

On the one hand Edgar’s work expresses these ideas with a jaunty, playful energy that doesn’t appear to take itself too seriously. However, the artist incorporates layers of depth into the work that a deeper scrutiny can reveal—elements that look at issues concerning identity, especially that of marginalised groups and their experiences with visibility in their communities.

In this sense the characters, some familiar forms from recognised cultural media, overlay themselves onto real situations firmly rooted in the rational, recognisable world. The work in the show will focus on Edgar’s cartoon and animation orientated painting and mixed media pieces, opening with a private view on the 19th May at 67 Great Titchfield Street, London W1W 7PT.

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