millimetre02: This Has Travelled Through The Night To You

7 May-28 May 2022
PV 7 May 2022, 12-9pm

Kingsgate Project Space
London NW6 2JG


This is an experimental accumulation of works and the 20th millimetre project hosted by the Kingsgate Project Space.

millimetre is inviting artists over six months whose practices are fascinated with aspects of environment’s, habitats, natural history and landscape, things that are very often complicated and interlinked and have an ongoing concern for the space. On this occasion works dealing with seemingly different notions will collide in the same space, a reflection of how complex and overwhelming getting a clear understanding of our planet’s surface has become. But by assembling small works together it can be handled differently, re-placed and seen anew.

​As Gaia Theory (generated by Lovelock and Margulis) and the developing idea of ‘Critical Zones’ (coming from Bruno Latour) expose to us, politics, science, economics, and geography are entangled, and each action upon the Earth and its finite surface having an effect, varying in amounts of impact, negative or positive.

​So, the space will be used to show small, works, fragments of things, notes from the studio or sketch book. Small scale is important, this is a site where works will be gathered over a period of months, slowly filling the frame space and the exhibition will change over that period with new works being added.

​Starting with 3 works and growing from there until the frame is crammed, new pieces added every month or six weeks. This is the first install, or as we like to think of it the first instar, the stages when a caterpillar sheds its skin and emerges larger often more colourful.


millimetre 02 is an exhibition space contained within a single picture frame. Devised by artists Finlay Taylor and Kate Scrivener this space for group exhibitions forces invited curators to consider and exploit scale, intimacy and the close juxtaposition of artworks.