18 Mar-10 Sep 2022

The Art House with PITT Studio, Worcester
Worcester WR1 3AS


Angelina May Davis, Luke Routledge, John Latham (Private Collection) Matt Hale & Nick Cash, Richard Dean Hughes, Mark Houghton, Jonathan Wright, Jayne Dyer, Ruth Murray with ‘EST. 1690 Prints by Victor Burgin, Robert Barry, Vanley Burke, Gavin Wade, The Artist Taxi Driver

P U L P  where ideas are mashed and blended. Both books and newspapers are an artists’ digest, archived, catalogued and referenced.

The Index includes ; 

The broadsheets and tabloids amended by The Artist Taxi Driver. Paintings of periodicals, of books; fiction and fact. Empty books; diaries, pre-digital binders as 1974 post-modern relics by Angelina May Davis. An installation of a fabricated library, books which have been distorted, squished, hollowed out and oozing with liquid pools of ink by Matt Hale & Nick Cash. A John Latham book that pierces glass. Oversized Super-HOT chillies resting on the oldest newspaper in the World by Richard Dean Hughes. Or from another world; Luke Routledge’s anthropoids reading from tomorrow’s yore*. A book impasse by Jayne Dyer and a wistful longing for glossy kicks by Ruth Murray in oil.

Est. 1690, The Worcester Journal will also be published and distributed to 42k residents of Worcester  / issue #6 of Est.1690 release: 31st March 2022 (tbc).